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About EMCC

EMCC‘s Structure

EMCC European Market Coupling Company GmbH was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in August 2008. It is a joint venture of Nord Pool Spot, European Energy Exchange (EEX), 50Hertz Transmission GmbH (formerly Vattenfall Europe Transmission), TenneT TSO GmbH (formerly transpower stromübertragungs gmbh) and Energinet.dk.

EMCC is accredited as trading participant at the exchanges EPEX and Nord Pool Spot. The company is entitled by the capacity owners to allocate available cross-border capacities in implicit auctions.

EMCC‘s Scope

EMCC provides congestion management services for the electrical transmission networks by means of market coupling. Using implicit auctions, market coupling is a possibility for day-ahead congestion management, which leads to the highest efficient use of existing cross-border interconnections. Thus, EMCC performs a service function for the benefit of all market participants, which last but not least benefit the ultimate consumer.  For a detailed description, please refer to The Concept of Market Coupling.

EMCC was asked by Central Western European and Nordic power exchanges and transmission system operators to develop an Interim Tight Volume Coupling (ITVC) between the CWE and Nordic regions. Thus, EMCC currently carries out market coupling on the two Interconnectors between Germany and Denmark (DK West: sum of flows in either direction is max 3,280 MW per hour, DK East: capacity 600 northbound and 585 MW southbound) and Baltic Cable between Sweden and Germany (615 MW northbound and 615 MW southbound). The NorNed cable (700 MW in both directions) was integrated in ITVC on 12 January 2011.

EMCC, its internal set-up and its IT system are designed to allow for the extension of its services to other interconnections and markets.

EMCC’s Vision

European Market Coupling Company (EMCC) improves market efficiency of cross-border capacity trading and promotes the integration of regional markets towards a Europe-wide wholesale electricity market.

Current Key Figures

  • 13th April 2014
  • 08:00
Coupled capacities:
  • DK1 TPS 0.0 MW
  • DK2 50HzT 0.0 MW
  • SE4 TPS 0.0 MW
  • NO2 NL 0.0 MW
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